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Resource Mobilization Techniques & Grant management Training

Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa) was honored to host its academic community for the Resource Mobilization Techniques & Grant Management training where they engaged in insightful discussions on how to secure necessary resources for their research projects.

Published onAug 15, 2023
Resource Mobilization Techniques & Grant management Training


The training titled, ‘Resource Mobilization Techniques & Grant Management’, provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of essential concepts in effective resource mobilization and grant management. The training was led by TCC Africa’s Executive Director, Ms. Joy Owango, who guided the participants through the following concepts:

  • The mind of a donor

  • The research proposal

  • The grants proposal

  • The proposal and funding process

  • Typical structure of a proposal

  • Stages of developing a proposal

  • Usual pitfalls when writing a proposal

The following is a recording of the session:

Recording of the Session

Video 1

About TCC Africa

The Training Centre in Communication(TCC Africa), is the first African-based training centre to teach effective communication skills to scientists. TCC Africa is an award winning Trust, established as a non-profit entity in 2006 and is registered in Kenya. TCC Africa provides capacity support in improving researchers output and visibility training, scholarly and science communication.

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