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INASP Gender mainstreamings toolkit . An introduction to OWSD Fellows

The Training Centre in Communication hosted the INASP Gender mainstreaming toolkit training for OWSD Fellows in partnership with the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World.

Published onJan 10, 2024
INASP Gender mainstreamings toolkit . An introduction to OWSD Fellows

TCC Africa in partnership with OWSD hosted a training session for OWSD Fellows to introduce them to the INASP Gender Mainstreaming Toolkit. The aim was to help OWSD Fellows comprehend the toolkit's overall concept. Professor Flora Fabian and Ms Mai Skoovgard guided participants in understanding gender mainstreaming, the toolkit's purpose, and its significance.

Training Facilitators

  • Prof. Flora Fabian Mbatia - Professor of Biomedical Science, Gender Consultant, Vice Chancellor, Mwanza University (MzU), Tanzania

  • Mai Hoff Skovgaard  - Programme Specialist, Gender - INASP

    Project Manager, Global Platforms for Equitable Knowledge Ecosystems (GPEKE)

Recording of the session

The INASP Gender Mainstreaming Toolkit is a comprehensive resource designed to support universities, higher education institutions, and research institutes in initiating gender mainstreaming processes. Developed collaboratively by Sue Gollifer, Siobhan Gorman, Flora Fabian, and the University of Dodoma (UDOM) in partnership with INASP, the toolkit employs a participatory approach to identify and address organizational gender gaps. It provides a structured framework for creating a gender action plan, launching formal gender mainstreaming processes within institutions, and fostering an open and safe space for participants to share diverse personal experiences and opinions. The toolkit is organized around six modules, guiding participants through a learning journey from gender sensitization to the development of concrete action plans.

About The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD)

The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World is an international organization that provides research training, career development and networking opportunities for women scientists throughout the developing world at different stages in their career.


About TCC Africa

The Training Centre in Communication(TCC Africa), is the first African-based training centre to teach effective communication skills to scientists. TCC Africa is an award-winning Trust, established as a non-profit entity in 2006 and is registered in Kenya.  TCC Africa provides capacity support in improving researchers’ output and visibility through training in scholarly and science communication.


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