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Democratization of Higher Education in Nigeria through Open Access

Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa) cohosted a workshop with the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (tetfund) on using open access solutions to democratize higher education in Nigeria.

Published onOct 27, 2021
Democratization of Higher Education in Nigeria through Open Access
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As we celebrate international Open Science week, Training Centre in Communication in partnership with Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TeTFund) and Digital Science facilitated discussions on the state of investment in open access in higher education in Nigeria and the opportunities of support in the provision of open science tool, Dimensions, to help increase the research visibility, quality of outputs.

Meet the Speakers:

Prof. Suleiman Bogoro- Executive Secretary Tetfund, Nigeria

Dr Popoola Mustapha Ayodele- TeT Fund, Nigeria

Mr Daryl Naylor - Digital Science

Recording of the session:

Video 1


Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) is a body set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria ostensibly to arrest the rot and deterioration in the educational infrastructure occasioned by a long period of neglect and very poor resource allocation.  Its mission is to provide focused and transformative intervention in public Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria through funding and effective project management.


About TCC Africa

The Training Centre in Communication(TCC Africa), is the first African-based training centre to teach effective communication skills to scientists. TCC Africa is an award-winning Trust, established as a non-profit entity in 2006 and is registered in Kenya.  TCC Africa provides capacity support in improving researchers’ output and visibility through training in scholarly and science communication.


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